The Corner Office Client Referral Rewards Program

About the Program

Did you know that as an existing client you are eligible to receive a Referral Reward equal to 10% of the amount of the initial contract for recommendations that turn into in-suite or virtual office clients for us?

It’s simple!

How to Participate
  • Provide us with the name and contact information for a potential client. Email the contact information to our Support email. We contact the potential client and you will receive your reward if he or she signs a contract with us.
  • Give our information to a potential client to put them in contact with us. Have your friend or colleague mention you as the referring party during the initial visit to our building and you will receive credit for the referral upon signing.

How to calculate the Referral Reward

REWARD = (Monthly Base Rate x Number of Months) x .10

For example, say you refer a new client who signs a six (6) month license agreement with a base rate of $500 per month. The following calculation would apply:

  • REWARD = ($500 x 6) x .10
  • REWARD = $3,000 x .10
  • REWARD = $300

You would receive a check from The Corner Office for $300.00. Easy money, right?

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    *Subject to terms and conditions of the program. Please see a below for details.

    Program Terms and Conditions

    We believe that the best recommendation is that of a satisfied customer. In this spirit we offer you the opportunity to participate in our CLIENT REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM. If you enjoy officing with us, please spread the word and refer a friend or a colleague to our facility. If your referral leads to a signed contract, we will write you a check for a percentage of the initial base contract, subject to the following terms and conditions:

    1. All current clients may participate in the CLIENT REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM.
    2. CLIENT is defined as the signatory on an existing license agreement, or the employee that occupies an office currently under contract with a client company.
    3. CLIENTS which are the signatory on an existing license agreement must be current on all payments under the terms of their agreement, and have no outstanding past due balances payable to The Corner Office.
    4. To be eligible for REWARD referral must be for a potential client that has never been a client of The Corner Office.
    5. The REFERRAL REWARD is currently set at 10%, and will be calculated on the initial base contract, excluding add-ons and taxes for office and virtual office packages.
    6. REFERRAL REWARD is applicable on new contracts with a minimum initial term of three (3) months, and a maximum initial term of twelve (12) months.
    7. REFERRAL REWARDS on contracts exceeding six months will be paid in two installments: the first installment shall be paid within ten (10) days of contract signing and receipt of initial payment from new client; the second installment shall be paid within ten (10) days of receipt of payment for the seventh month on the contract.
    8. REFERRAL REWARDS cannot be used to offset charges on account with The Corner Office.
    9. In the event that more than one client claims referral credit, credit shall be attributed to the client that has the first verifiable referral (such as the date stamp on an email or the date and time that a referral card is submitted to the front desk). If no such verifiable event occurs, the credit shall be split equally between the two clients.

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